Professional title:System Specialist
  • Time of issue: 1669776600000
  • Wages: 4000 — 5500
    • Department:Saneheld
    • Number of people to be recruited:Several
    • Nature of work:Full time
    • Age limitation for work:3-5 years
    • Educational background:Regular college
    • Age:
    • Gender:不限
    • Time of issue: 1669776600000
    Description of position:
    Job Responsibilities:
    Responsible for the implementation of training projects and continuous improvement; establish and optimize the training system, establish internal and external teachers, textbooks, test questions and case libraries; prepare and improve the company's annual training plan and organize implementation; organize internal and external lecturer resources , Review courses and implement training; prepare the company's "Annual Training Plan" based on the results of the training needs survey; guide the relevant departments to implement and implement various training projects; in accordance with the requirements of the ISO quality management system, do the management of training records and training assessment jobs;
    job requirements:
    Able to recognize the company's corporate culture; college degree or above, management, finance, auditing related majors are preferred;
    3 years or above work experience, working in a listed company is preferred; experience in ISO system operation is preferred, familiar with basic business processes of the company, such as procurement management, sales management, financial management, etc. Strong risk control awareness and insight analysis ability; with strong execution and driving force, strong word processing ability, and very skilled in operating office software.
    Full attendance award: 100 yuan / month.
    Seniority award: 100 yuan / month for 6 months, and 50 yuan / month for every 6 months thereafter, capped at 500 yuan.
    Year-end bonus: Cumulative year-end bonus system, estimated at more than 360 yuan per month, will be distributed before the Spring Festival holiday.
    Introductory Fees: Introduced employees introduce new employees. Both parties will be rewarded 300 yuan / person for 3 months, and the introducer will be rewarded 100 yuan. Both parties will be rewarded 300 yuan for 3 months and the introducer will be rewarded 10 yuan.
    The company provides accommodation and meals for free. Dormitory 4 people / room, couple room, with independent balcony, toilet, bathroom, laundry table, air conditioning, personal wardrobe. Full attendance award, seniority award, year-end award, supper subsidy, Spring Festival return transportation subsidy, employee introduction fee, holiday / birthday party gift distribution, annual medical examination, group outdoor activities, living area with supermarket, TV, entertainment facilities, etc.
    • New Factory Address: No. 77 Hongjia Avenue, Yuanhong International Food Industrial Park, Chengtou Town, Fuqing City 
    • Address of the old factory: No. 1 Furong Road, Rongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Fuqing City 
    • Zip code: 350300
    • Phone: 0086-591-85386007
    • Fax: 0086-591-85386008
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